How Do I Start?

Ever feel like you have so many things to say, so much wisdom to hand out, but your words sound good at one moment and are forgotten the next. Happens to me all the time. I lie in bed at night and can come up with such beautiful, poetic ways to describe a situation, to explain myself so gracefully that I would leave a person in awe. Then when I wake up I can’t remember a single word, not one. So this is me attempting to get down my words. To share the knowledge I’ve gained in having 3 babies. To help others learn to craft and make beautiful things. And sometimes to hand out opinions (even though they’ll usually be unwanted).

This blog is me. A girl mom trying to raise indepedent, strong willed children who also respect and listen. A crafter at heart who started a felt business when I got too bored being a stay at mom. A wife to a wonderful man who takes her marriage VERY seriously. And a young woman trying to stay a float in a world where politics and society are exhausting.

I can’t promise I’ll behave but I’ll do my best.

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