Hot Air Balloon Mobile

One of the best parts of designing a custom mobile is hearing the story behind the theme. Some people pick a nursery theme from a favorite story book or character. Some people just pick a color scheme and allow the decor to be colorful and mismatched (in that perfect designer way). And others pick a scene from their life and pull a special item out to highlight within a room.

This mobile stems from a romantic story. This daddy has plans to propose in a soaring hot air balloon and while the weather stopped the original plan, the concept still holds a special place in their hearts. When my mom to be came to me, she didn’t know the gender of the baby and wasn’t going to find out and she wasn’t fully committed to a nursery theme. She really liked the idea of the hot air balloon mobile and between her proposal story and my, extreme, want to make a hot air balloon mobile, she committed.

And boy am I glad she did……………



I love how it turned out and I think their sweet baby will have some wonderful dreams sleeping under these balloons.

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