Baby List Registry

I found out about Baby List Registry from an Etsy customer and once I looked into it I fell in love with the idea. Basically if you’ve ever dreamed of being able to make a registry with everything you would ever want from any online shop you need Baby List Registry in your life.

Working Baby List Registry on a desktop:

Go to Baby List Registry and set up a list account.

Click on the ADD FROM THE WEB button the left side and add the Baby List button to your computers tool bar.

Or if you’re on your phone/tablet download the Baby List app.

***OR check out your favorite shops and sites, some of us have a special link on our page to send you to Baby List Registry and let you put our items on your list.***

Then you can add an item from ANY online store!! Oh my gosh this opens up so many possibilities for your baby list and as a mama of 3 I will tell you this is so much better than having to stick to the same store for all your needs. SO many individuals and small businesses have come up with new inventions, toys, designs that will make your life as a new parent go more smoothly but they aren’t selling to main stream stores yet and now you have a way to let your friends and family know all about these great products.

This new baby registry also allows you to decorate the nursery of your dreams from anywhere on the web since you can add items from Etsy or even individual small business’s web sites.

If you’re a soon to be mom, a sister of a soon to be mom, a best friend of a soon to be mom, or even a mom of a soon to be mom, check out Baby List Registry it will definitely change your wish list dreams.


I’m not affiliated with Baby List Registry, just a lover of their site.

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