The Mobile that Started It All

When I got pregnant with our third child I spent a long time looking into nursery themes, probably the longest I spent on any of them. I looked at boy themes, dreaming of a viking nursery with blue hues and strong (but cuddly) Viking stuffies. I looked at girl themes, wondering how on Earth I was going to choose another girl nursery?!? When the day came that we found out we were having our third girl I still had no idea what nursery theme to choose.

I narrowed it down to three that I loved: Matroyshka dolls, Vintage hot air balloons, or a teal/coral tribal theme. I looked through Pinterest saving hundreds of pins, more in love with all the themes with every picture I found. I started looking through Etsy thinking that if I couldn’t find actual products in the themes AND colors I loved, then it would narrow the theme down for me. I was able to find things for each nursery theme, so I stayed in love with all three themes. I know it seems strange to get so invested in a nursery theme but this was our third and probably last child so I felt like I needed the “perfect” theme. Then one day I was given a beautiful handmade, crocheted blanket for our sweet girl and the color was a perfect match for one of the themes I had picked. I took it as a sign and finally settled on a nursery theme, Matroyshka dolls.

After the decision was made it was on to fabric, sheets, window treatments, wall decor, initials, but I couldn’t find a mobile I loved anywhere. No mobiles on Pinterest. No mobiles on Etsy. So I decided to make it, that way it would be exactly what I wanted, I could make it match her bedding and it would be a really special touch because I made it. I drew up my pattern, figured out the construction, and went to work.

When I was finished I was in love and her room was absolutely perfect.


After I figured out how to make mobiles I fell in love with the craft. I had friends start asking me if I could make mobiles for them and slowly it has turned into a fun business. Now I have mobiles hanging all over the world and it’s all because of these little Matroyshka dolls.

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