Customizing your own mobile

I love having my regular mobiles in my shop. The designs are beautiful and every time I make one I feel it’s better than the last but I always get so excited to make a custom mobile. I feel like the mobiles I offer in my shop cover an assortment of different nursery themes or can fit in to multiple gender neutral rooms. Customs though, fit into your life, your nursery, your idea of what your baby’s room should look like. We all spend way too much time on Pinterest now a days and I know that has raised our expectations of what the baby’s room should be like. We want soft yet beautiful, baby yet trendy and we want it to be perfect by the time that little bundle of joy arrives.

I’ve decorated 3 nurseries, 2 toddler rooms. All girls. And all were thought out and planned for months to make them perfect for my sweet girls. I’ve made a room with lime green walls and pink giraffes for my oldest. Then into an aqua blue mermaid room as she grew older. When my second girl came around I wanted purples to fill the space, with white birch trees and forest animals especially owls. Now she has a pink room but it has white picket fences on the walls and FILLED with owls because she fell in love with them. Their rooms were simple to me, they just felt right but with my third it took a lot more time to figure out what I wanted. Which really helped my figure out how custom rooms worked. I used something that I loved to make her room and I had myself and family members work on all the custom details that would go into it.



That’s how I start customers when they come to me and want a custom mobile. Some know exactly what they want and give me creative leeway to make their idea into a reality. I’ve made a lovely fairytale mobile with reference to Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Frog Prince, and Snow White. I’ve made a sports mobile for a UK fan complete with a Wildcat. Some customers just know they want a special addition to the room in the form of a custom mobile but don’t know exactly what they want on there. I start them thinking about the colors they want in the nursery. Then we’ll start talking about if they have a theme for the nursery or not, when people have a theme for the nursery it’s simple to narrow down a mobile. I add objects associated with the theme and make them in the color scheme of the nursery. If there is no theme, I start asking if there is an animal that means something special to the parents, or a place that has been important in their story so far. Once I get people thinking about what they have considered special or to have significant meaning in their life we start narrowing down what we can put on a mobile. I’ve made a travel mobile and most recently a beach themed mobile this way.

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Sometimes once the ideas start coming to mind for the parents, they want too many things on one mobile. Here’s my tip for that, make a list of all the things you love and may want to showcase in your baby’s room and then narrow it down to things that go naturally together, I help people do this during the custom mobile process. That way the mobile keeps a theme to it and it won’t seem jumbled. This is exactly how the beach theme emerged for my customer, they had a list of an assortment of things they both loved and when they sent it to me I noticed there were several that were water themed. That allowed us to narrow it down to the water/beach type of items and then they could add different things they wanted on the mobile within the realm of beach.

Anytime you’re designing something have fun with it! This is especially true with your baby’s room, you need to fall in love with every detail of the room, make it a fun and beautiful place that you love being in. You’ll spend many nights rocking theme to sleep in that room and it needs to be a positive place for both you and your baby!

If you’re ready to start designing your custom mobile email me at and I’ll work hard to make something perfect for you.

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