Mixing Mom and Dad’s Style

“Roll Tide”, the first phrase our friend has always tried to get our girls to say should give a clear indication that when it came to his own child the nursery theme was going to be elephants. In his mind the nursery would be full force Alabama, from the Crimson walls down to the Big Al bedding. Mom wanted that beautiful, soft nursery that was inviting for a little bitty one. So compromise had to happen but elephants remained. (Let’s be real compromise here means the pregnant woman got what she wanted because she’s growing a tiny person!)

When they found out they were having a boy colors became blue and navy. Bedding was picked and I could finally make their elephants.

I had made an elephant mobile before but to match the bedding for this nursery I had to tweak the ears a bit and lose the pattern I had put on my original elephants. Being able to customize ANY of my mobiles is one of the perks of buying a handmade item, it can be changed to better suite your own needs. And I love matching any bedding. Store bought bedding usually has the option for a matching mobile but the perk to mine is if you want to pull in another element or change up the decor just a little, I can make whatever you want!

The end result for the change in elephants is a mobile that matches the individual bedding in the colors needed. Basically exactly what mom wanted.


If you want your own custom mobile check out my etsy shop and contact me so we can talk about what YOU need. You can message me on Etsy or email me amandabhutto@yahoo.com


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