How to ROCK a custom mobile

This Scottish mobile is BY FAR my favorite custom mobile I have done and it will take a lot to top it.

Story Time: Once upon a time there a was a guy who was really proud of his Scottish heritage. This guy meets a girl, falls in love, gets married, and gains the best brother in law in the whole world. Then when this guy and his wife have a baby boy, the best brother in law comes up with the best mobile theme ever!

Enter the Scottish Heritage Mobile

This mobile has been customized for the MacLeod clan and customizing this mobile took some research into the clan and Scottish folk tales. I first wanted to make sure I got the tartan for the clan correct. Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors and the different clans have different tartans that they use for kilts and dresses. The MacLeod tartan is a bright yellow with thick black lines and thin red lines. To make the tartan I taped off the felt and painted it with fabric paint into the right pattern. ***I don’t usually use paint or glue in my mobiles BUT sometimes the occasion calls for it to make the mobile perfect.***


The next thing I knew I had to get right was the clan crest which has the clan’s motto on it. Hold Fast. The motto relates to the occasion when a MacLeod chief wrestled a bull to the ground and the crowd shouted Hold Fast.


I added in the Scottish Flag, Coat of Arms, and map.

The rest of the mobile I used a mixture of classic Scottish things like the bagpipes and the Scottish Terrier.

And then filled in the rest with Scottish folktales. I couldn’t have a Scottish Mobile without a Lochness Monster.


Or a Luckenbooth which is a charm that a groom would give his bride and then the couple would pin it on their first born’s clothes.


The last piece was a little crazy to make but it has a great story behind it so I really wanted to include it. It’s a thistle and it’s a symbol to the Scots (and their National flower) because of an old tale from the battlefield, where a group of Scots were sleeping and an army was planning a surprise attack when one of the pursuing soldiers stepped on a thistle, yelped, and woke the sleeping Scots allowing them to be victorious in battle. It was a fun way to use some needle felting in this mobile and I love the strange pop of color it added.



I just love everything this mobile symbolized for this family, the heritage and respect it showed added to why it’s still my favorite.



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