donuts, Donuts, DONUTS

When you think of mobiles it’s generally in a nursery hanging above a crib. It’s beautiful to look at and entertaining for your sweet baby but what do you do with that mobile once your baby gets older? My solution: incorporate into their big room or playroom! I think this donut mobile shows just how much fun a mobile can be in a playroom. You can add it to a reading nook or an artwork wall. Just add in their art pieces and it will look like a posh and fun playroom. And who doesn’t love donuts?


I just love all the different kinds of felt playfood available in the Etsy world. ( Check out for some great options!) and I wanted a way to incorporate those fun, imaginative items into one of my mobiles. These donuts brought that playful energy into my shop and the first of these mobiles is hanging out in Sacramento, California brightening up a little one’s room.


I hope you all enjoy these donuts without all the calories as much as I do!!!


Get your own Donut Mobile HERE!

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