Space, the final frontier, the place where dreamers go and adventurers want to go.

In my house we’re star gazers and because of it we’ve created 3 little girls who love the idea of space. My oldest goes between an astronaut, fashion designer, or Bob Ross as who she wants to be when she grows up. I encourage moon watching and star gazing in this house, it keeps the little’s curiosity growing and their brains thinking of all the possibilities out there past just our world. So when I got the chance to make a space mobile I couldn’t hold in my excitement!

The customer wanted a rocket ship and planets but left the color choices and design up to me. As a space lover (and a bit OCD) I wanted to make the planets close to actual satellite photos that NASA has taken. I chose the planets to include based on the colors of the planets and which ones would go together best but would also add a lot of color to the piece. I ended up picking the moon, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Then I just kept the rocket ship simple with bright colors and placed it in the middle with the moon.


Mercury’s NASA photo has these beautiful gold flashes coursing all over it that I just fell in love with and I wanted that bright, shiny coloring to be brought into the mobile. I used The Felt Pod’s gold metallic tinsel felt, it’s one of my favorite products to use and I always choose this felt when adding gold to a mobile! (Click on the name to check it out for yourself). I also used this gold for two of the stars to give them a special shimmer.

For Earth and made the major continents out of hunter green and different shades of brown and my intention was to needle felt white wisps onto both sides but once I had the two sides made I didn’t want to jumble the piece up with more detailing.

Saturn and Jupiter I kept simple with layers of different colors. I did give them their classic markings of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and Saturn’s rings.

I hope this mobile keeps it’s little one dreaming of deep space adventures filled with new planets (and maybe new people!!).

Dream big little ones, the world needs thinkers and believers.


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