I’m a BIG Gilmore Girls fan like stayed up all night after Thanksgiving to watch the revival, named my daughter Lorelai type of fan. And what Gilmore Girls fan doesn’t love Lorelai’s house? The vintage kitchen, charming decor, and that wrap around porch!!!! That amazing porch always had a beautiful vine of wisteria blooming above it, constantly adding even more to the Gilmore’s lives.

I love that vine. I love that most of the year it’s just an over taking beast in simple green but once the time is right it blooms into the most magnificent flower vine you can find. The entrance to my dad’s neighborhood gets covered in wisteria when the time is right and it always makes me smile to drive down the road and see that the forest is covered in purple again. I always want to go in a cut out some to grow on my back pergola but since I never seem to find the right time to do it, I did something better. I made a wisteria mobile. Felt is always better anyway, right?

wisteria whole.jpg

Just think wisteria you can add to not only a nursery but any room you need a bright bloom. Wisteria that you don’t have to enjoy for just a short time at peak season but that stays the perfect shades of purple all year round.

It fits in perfectly to any shabby chic nursery and can grow into a ceiling hanging or chandelier piece for a big kid’s room! I made the original in 2 shades of purple with light green leaves to represent the vine. I made this mobile in a 10in circle and the blooms hang all along the outside of the hoop.


After I made the original in purple I really wanted to add a pink option to my shop. Benzie Design has this amazing Mulberry color that I’m always trying to fit into new mobiles and I thought a pink wisteria mobile was a perfect place for it.

These mobiles have turned out to be one of my favorite products offered in my shop. I also have a couple of these mobiles hanging in a shop in Georgetown, Ky called The Georgetown Makery it’s an amazing little shop that features a bunch of different products by Etsy sellers!

Dream big little ones, the world needs thinkers and believers!


Shop your own mobile HERE!


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