Decorations with no faces

In my mobiles I make several different animals and even a mermaid but very few of them I make with facial features. I make sure to add all the details necessary for each piece to look right but eyes, mouths, and noses tend to get left out. Why? Why leave out something so simple and what some might argue to be the cutest feature on some of these little guys. I do it to add a little more to each of my mobiles.


As babies grow with these faceless creatures so will their imagination. Without a face my creations can become anyone to kids, they get to decide if their eyes are blue or green or if their nose is long or short. They get to imagine exactly what they think a mermaid looks like not just what I think it looks like.


Every time I watch my 3 kids play together I’m amazed at the games and stories they come up to play. My older two will play shopping store where one is the customer and one works there, with the youngest being the baby in the stroller. They’ll play super hero or monsters and run around saving the world. Even my youngest will pretend to be a cat crawling around meowing. They blow me away with their creativity and I try to encourage that creative learning in every single piece I make.

So my little critters will for the most part stay faceless (and still adorable if I do say so myself) and all those sweet little ones will keep making up amazing, beautiful stories.

Dream big little ones, the world needs thinkers and believers.


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